From Category Insights To Human Insights

Millennial family Passion Points™, and how they can elevate the role your brands play in families’ lives around the world.

It is has always been axiomatic in the world of marketing that the marketer who understands his category and brand best — wins. But is this really the case? Do the ads, the new products, and the promotional events that quicken consumers’ pulse, give them goose bumps, and move markets really come from a minute examination of the categories you compete in, or are they more likely to emanate from a penetrating insight into humans that use them? In this workshop, The Family Room will make a case for the latter and share a powerful new set of tools to bring this line of thinking alive. This will include:

mail_image_preview The Emergence Of A Global Set Of Modern Family Passion Points™: Highlights from a landmark study on the core hopes, fears, aspirations and joys families are most focused on today, and the remarkable alignment that exists in moms and families from Riyadh to New York.

KI_Icon_Compass Brand Connections And Marketing Miracles: How some of the best positioned and fastest growing brands have created plausible links between their offerings and a Modern Family Passion Point™ as the basis for their success.

KI_Icon_bulbOpportunity Thought-Starter: Hypothesized Passion Point™ connections with several of your brands, and their ability to elevate the roles these offerings play in modern families’ lives to something much more important than that of a household cleaner or storage bag.

Participants should come prepared to have long-standing assumptions about moms, dads, and youth challenged, and an open mind to a fundamentally new approach for elevating the role your brand plays in modern families’ lives.

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