Millennial Families’ 2017 Passion Points™, and a new road map for brand relevance in 2018.

2016 did more than turn America’s political landscape of America upside down, it also turned the emotional landscape of families upside down in ways that would have been unthinkable just 18 months ago. From their core values as parents, to their aspirations for their kids, to the disappearance of long-standing multi-cultural differences, there have been tectonic shifts in virtually every aspect of the Passion Points™ parents are most focused on and are the bedrock of their decision making.

Why should you care? Because family marketing miracles are built on human insights, not category insights. The advertising campaigns that give us goosebumps, the new products that transform categories, or the events that change the trajectory of a brand all come from something deeply and profoundly true to families as people rather than families as consumers of your category. Those emotional truths have shifted, big time, and if you are not aware of what they are and what they mean, then you are not relevant.

The Family Room’s Passion Point™ immersions are a fast and efficient way of exposing your marketers with an interest in youth, parents, and families to these remarkable new realities, jump-starting your organization’s ability to create emotionally relevant brands or new products. For less than the cost of a focus group, these sixty-minute on site immersions include:

Future Shock: A snapshot the Millennial families’ 2017 Passion Points™ and the astonishing shifts compared to 2016 and ‘15. Included will be a close-up on how these emotional hot spots vary across Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian families and the fascinating evening out of Passion Points™ that have long separated them.

Marketing Miracles: Case studies and other examples that show how a handful of brands have connected the dots between these new emotional truths and their brands or products in order to elevate their emotional relevance, enrich the role they play in families lives, and make piles of money in the process.

Opportunity shout-out of ideas for ways of applying these findings to your brands and new products through participant share-out of opportunity listening cards they will be using throughout the session.

Sixty-minute on-site session led by The Family Room CEO and founder, George Carey, and curated to highlight those Passion Point tends with maximum relevance to your brand. These sessions can be extended with optional add-ons as follows:

Module 1: Future Shock: Key findings from The Family Room 2017 Passion Points™ Of Millennial Families curated and tailored for maximum relevance on your category and brands.

Module 2: Opportunity Shout Outs: An opportunity for participants to stop listening and start applying what they are hearing to their most pressing brand questions and new product innovation priorities

Module 3: Brand Break Outs: Optional hour-long sessions with George and your individual brand or project teams to review key projects, discuss key issues, and brainstorm disruptive solution through the lens of families’ 2017 Passion Points™.

Insights professionals seeking a broader understanding of the root driver of family decision making and brand choice

Brand managers seeking ways of adding emotional relevance to their product’s rational features and functions

New product developers interested in creating concepts that solve for their occasion’s emotional white space, not its increasingly limed category white space.

Agency partners seeking inspiration for more disruptive, ambitious, and emotionally impactful campaigns and programs targeting Millennial families or Gen Z youth.

How Much
$4.5K plus travel