2017 Passion Point Immersions

How to avoid becoming emotionally obsolete at a time of cataclysmic family change.



Families hit an emotional tipping point in 2016. For the prior past ten years, our study of the core hopes, dreams, aspirations, and anxieties that moms and dads are most focused on have been a model of consistency and stability. But over the last eighteen months, families have been hit with a tsunami of cultural, political, social and environmental forces that have literally turned these Passion Point priorities upside-down. These changes are on a magnitude the likes of which we have ever seen, with implications for Millennial mom and dad marketers that cannot be overstated. Because if your brand is not speaking to these new emotional truths, your brand will not be emotionally relevant, and the $500-billion Millennial family opportunity will move on without you.


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The Family Room’s Passion Point immersions are intended to equip ambitious mom, dad and family marketers with a road map for emotional relevance on their brands and new products. Drawn from our 2017 Passion Point update and presented by The Family Room CEO and founder George Carey, these ninety minute sessions will enable your teams to see beyond their category and beyond their brands to the new emotional realities families are most focused on today which are bedrock of their decision making.

Each session includes:

Emotional Game-Changers

Four macro themes in family’s emotional landscape with relevance for your category and brands.

Connecting The Dots

Illustrative caste studies on how some highly innovative marketers making piles of money by connecting the dots between these trends and their brands.

Opportunity Shout-Outs

A concluding opportunity listening session in which participants begin connecting the dots between these trends their brands for transformative innovation and renewed relevance.

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Insights Professionals

Seeking a broader understanding of the root driver of family decision making and brand choice.

Brand Managers

Seeking ways of adding emotional relevance to their product’s rational features and functions.

New Product Developers

Interested in creating concepts that solve for their occasion’s emotional white space, not its increasingly limed category white space.

Agency Partners

Seeking inspiration for more disruptive, ambitious, and emotionally impactful campaigns and programs targeting Millennial families or Gen Z youth.


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Client Testimonials


Client Review

“This session revealed the emotional triggers that consumers have toward our products so that we can speak to them on a completely different level than we ever have in the past.” (Jamie Gutherie, VP Consumer Insights SC Johnson)

“Outstanding presentation and a whole new perspective on the human truths that drive our category and brands. You had us on the edge of our seats.” (Jeff Ansell, CEO Sun Products)

“I came in thinking this was going to be a lot of what I already knew. It was anything but…you opened my eyes to a whole new set of insights and a whole new set of possibilities for the Doritos brands.” (Hayley Pardo, SVP Account Planning Goodby Silverstien)

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