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The Family Room works with the world’s leading and emerging youth and family marketers on every continent and in every category that touches families’ lives.

Specialty Practice Areas

Food and Beverage

The Family Room brings unprecedented understanding and experience in the youth and family food and beverage segment. We have been studying the drivers and dynamics of decision making in the youth and family food space for over twenty years in dozens of countries around the world. We possess deep expertise in successfully marketing and creating best food and beverage products that families actually want to eat and drink. And we self-fund the Family Brand Compass Study, a longitudinal tracking study that provides the first ever look at the assets, liabilities, and decision making dynamics of over 200 food, beverage, and restaurant brands through the lens of the entire family. Through decades of experience and hundreds of assignments from the world’s best-in-class food and restaurant marketers, we have developed a keen understanding of what works, what does not, and how your food and beverage brand can innovate to carve out a larger place at the family table.

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Leisure and Entertainment

Families, especially millennial families, value their entertainment time like no other segment of the population. The Family Room has self-funded three thought-leadership studies to help your brand capture its fair share. The first is our Fun Factors Study, which explores the simple but critically important question of what fun is to the modern family and what the dominant fun factors are that they value and need most. The second explores the fascinating new realities of decision making that underlie families’ entertainment purchases. Lastly, we have created a study that explores the drivers and dynamics of family decision making in travel and leisure. Taken as a whole, we can instantly jump-start your organization’s understanding of the youth and family leisure and entertainment space and help you begin exploring what’s next for your brand.

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Health and Well-Being

Creating products that promote the health and well-being of youths and families has become a strategic imperative for corporations and non-profits alike. But how do you get families to transition from talking about a healthier lifestyle to living one? The Family Room has developed a special expertise in turning health and well-being from something moms, dads, and kids feel they have to do to something they want to do. Through our self-funded studies, we help clients understand the underlying (and often hidden) drivers and true passion points families associate with a healthy lifestyle. Numerous government and cause-based organizations have relied on us to create a strategic architecture for some of the world’s largest and most successful public health campaigns. We’ve also worked with the world’s largest corporations creating a new generation of food, beverages, out of home dining options, and leisure products that successfully find the intersection between making families healthier and delivering a meaningful profit.

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It is a well established fact that youths and families represent one of the largest and highest potential marketplace segments for the technology sector. Less well understood is the remarkable new realities of family decision making in the technology space and the underlying emotional needs that technology satisfies for families. The Family Room can help you decode these remarkable new realities, and in doing so, create a new generation of family-friendly technology offerings that perfectly reflect them. Our propriety learning agenda includes studies on the shifting decision making balance of power on categories ranging from wireless plans, computer purchases, to the choice of the family TV. Even more revealing, our Family Passion Point study can provide a totally fresh perspective on the true role your technological offering plays in families’ lives and also provide key messaging and product strategies that will let your organization lead the conversation with this massive marketplace segment.

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Millennial Families

There are 91 million millennials in the US today and close to 20 million of them now have children. The Family Room has made a specialty of helping its clients understand how the generational markers of this enormous consumer segment are being carried into the brave new world of being parents, raising kids, and making family consumer decisions. We have created a standing panel of millennial parents to provide on-going insight on trends and key perspectives of this new generation of moms and dads. We have created a mobile platform (The Family Feed) to give our clients a front row seat on what millennial families want, how they see your brand, and how they make consumer decisions. And we have developed a specialty practice on Millennial Family Brand Renovations, which juxtaposes millennial decision making in your category with millennial perception of your brand for a concise set of product and marketing Do-Differents.

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The Family Room fielded the industry’s first study on the attitudes, behaviors, and consumer dynamics of global kids and families twenty years ago, and we have been deepening this expertise ever since. Today we have offices in the US and Dubai leading research, strategy, and innovation assignments for regional and global clients in over 20 countries around the world. Through our on-going research learning agenda, we have uncovered both the themes and drivers that unify all families in all parts of the world, as well as the equally important factors that set them apart. We have a particularly deep expertise in developing markets across Asia and South America where families constitute as much as 70% of the population. In addition to our standard research, strategy, and innovation service, we also provide The Family Brand Council, a dream team of creatives and producers drawn from the world’s leading advertising, digital, and branding agencies that provide globally best-in-class activation services in countries where local agency expertise in youths and families may be limited.

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Nowhere have the multi-cultural changes occurring in the US been more evident or offered greater opportunity to marketers than with families. The Family Room brings deep expertise to this rapidly growing segment of the population through our client experience and self-funded thought leadership studies on multi-cultural families’ decision making processes. Of particular note is our Family Passion Point Study, a deep dive on the core hopes, fears, and aspirations families most focus on today and how they vary across different segments. In addition to being able to tell you which multi-cultural families link to your brand, we can also tell you what passion points are unique to a given segment of the population vs. those which all families share. In short, we can put you on the scent of truly multi-cultural marketing solutions capable of giving your brand a single voice that will appeal to all families.

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Education and Cause-Based Organizations

The Family Room has made a specialty of re-purposing some of the insightful gathering, marketing, and innovation tools that work well in the commercial space to the task of making youths’ and families’ lives healthier, safer, and more secure. We work with a range of government agencies, foundations, and cause-based organizations with a special emphasis on health, well-being and education. We believe that to an ever-increasing extent, today’s students do not learn what we tell them to learn, they learn what they want to learn. The result is a never-before-seen importance of doing effective research that invites the infinite creativity and imagination of kids into the creation of new educational strategies and programs. The Family Room has made a specialty of creating a new generation of youth education and enrichment programs to turn kids from disengaged passive acceptors to eager and engaged participants in the learning process.

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Our Leadership Team

A comprehensive assortment of qualitative of quantitative research tools that illuminate how families feel, not just what they think.

Family Story

George began his career in youth and family marketing with his childhood love of Bugs Bunny cartoons (ask him to do his imitation of Foghorn Leghorn). Since then he has become one of the world’s leading authorities on youth and families. He began his career in the youth and family advertising space where he led global accounts like Procter & Gamble and General Mills. He then founded Just Kid Inc., a research, strategy, and innovation agency that ultimately evolved into The Family Room. From its beginning, George has been committed to the principle of his agency self-funding thought-leadership studies on all aspects of youth and family life as a way of staying ahead of the curve on emerging family trends and adding instant value to the company’s client engagements. It was through these advanced studies that George and The Family Room uncovered family decision making as a bold new construct to revolutionize youth and family marketing.

Favorite Decision Making Style

Family Meeting
As father of two teen age girls, I learned long ago that the best I can hope for is to influence my daughters’ behaviors…forget about controlling them.

Family Story

In his last year of business school, Philip got an opportunity to be a researcher at Leo Burnett Chicago where he worked on iconic clients like Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and McDonald’s and found a passion for uncovering the unexpected insights that can inspire great marketing campaigns. His talent for mapping the consumer journey has led to a wide range of career opportunities from overseas assignments in Latin America to managing global accounts for leading health care, financial services and CPG clients. In 2011, his travels led him to The Family Room, where he found a group of like-minded strategists and researchers, who were intent on taking the art and science of decoding consumer behavior to the next level.

Favorite Decision Making Style

Because I Said So
In a family of smart, capable women, I rarely get an opportunity to call the shots at home (which is a good thing). Once in a while they humor me and let me have my way. Unfortunately, the results have not always inspired their confidence but I am happy to say they have not given up on me yet.

Featured Case Study

The Family Room is light years ahead of its competition.

VP Frozen Food Innovation, Kellogg

Outstanding kid insights. Outstanding kid concepts. The Family Room hit the ball out of the park on this one.

VP, Procter & Gamble

We could not be happier with the quality of interaction with The Family Room. It is a model for how we should be collaborating on all innovation. Kudos to The Family Room.

Head of R&D, Hershey Foods

Through your process, we were able to uncover far more new product opportunity than we ever thought existed.

Head of Innovation Management, Almarai

The Family Room has been so helpful to us in the past year. I’m one of The Family Room’s biggest fans. They are the only consultant that we have a retainer relationship with.

EVP Director of Innovation, Kraft Foods

The decision making study you did on family entertainment was not only interesting, but revolutionized how we go to market.

VP Insights, MTV Networks

Truly the best supplier partner I have ever worked with! So incredibly smart, visionary and collaborative.

Consumer Insights, Yoplait

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