The Family Room’s “Family Feed™” provides a full family view of your brand and category, and a front row seat on the organic process of decision making. It is a mobile market research tool that enables researchers to immerse themselves in the lives of today’s dynamic families, 24/7!

  • The Family Feed provides a full family view of your category/brand’s “Moment of Truth”
  • Family members can update diaries and complete moderated activities on the go — uploading photos, videos, and other artifacts, while also answering open and closed-ended questions
  • The tool enables researchers to probe on responses, create reports, and analyze data in the moment, along with adding user-friendly features for respondents.

The possibilities are endless...

Mobile Family Shop Along

Family Panels:
Monthly/Quarterly Brand Pulse

Cross-Generation Brand Monitor

A Day/Week in the Life...

Youth Advisory Panels


Out-of-Home Real-Time