The Future of Families

Three discoveries that are changing the face of millennial mom and family marketing around the world, and the doors they open for your organization.

Of the many trends reshaping the global consumer landscape, perhaps none is more important, but received less attention than the remarkable shifts in the roles, relationships, and decision-making dynamics of millennial families. In this workshop, The Family Room will share three discoveries occurring in families around the world, and the fundamentally different approach to insight gathering, mom targeting, and brand positioning they necessitate. These will include:

KI_Icon_Strategy From A Hierarchy To A Web: A complete restructuring of the parent/child relationship and the metamorphosis of parents as authority figures to “parents as peers”

KI_Icon_Binoculars A Transformation In Mom’s Role As Decision Maker: From head of household to one of many, and the fundamentally different targeting and messaging strategies that will be needed to persuade her in the future

mail_image_previewThe Emergence Of A Shared Set Of Global Family Passion Points™: Remarkable alignment among global families in the hopes, fears, aspirations, and dreams that matter most, and a rich new set of possibilities for your organization’s brand purpose and positioning strategy grounded in human insights vs. category insights

Participants should come prepared to have long-standing assumptions about moms, dads, and youth challenged, and an open mind to a fundamentally new approach for elevating the role your brand plays in modern families’ lives.

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