“The Future of Families” Webinar Series

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Mar 28th, 20172PM EST

The Day The Universe Changed

How 2016 changed the emotional landscape of global families, and the doors this opens for progressive family marketers

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a year of wrenching change. On a political, social, and cultural level, the impact of the events of the last 12 months on America and the world cannot be over-stated. But what impact has these events had on modern moms and the family consumer? Has the presidential campaign in the US, Brexit in the UK, the escalation of violence around the world, or the rapidly shifting social norms on practically every pillar of society had any deeper impact on the emotional drivers of decision-making for the largest consumer on earth?
For the last several years, The Family Room has been studying the emotional landscape of global families. And for the last several years these “Passion Points™ " have remained constant… until 2016. Join us on Tuesday, March 28th at 2PM EST, when we will share findings from our landmark study on how the political, cultural, and social events of the last 12 months have triggered astonishing shifts in the core hopes, fears, and wishes families are most focused on today and the doors this has opened for global mom, dad, and youth marketers.

Attendees will learn and see:

• What the new global mom, dad, and youth Passion Points™ are, and how we explain their near complete reversal from just 12 months ago.
• The doors this opens for progressive mom, youth, and family marketers to create brand positionings and new products that more accurately reflect these new emotional truths.
• Case studies on several brands which have already done so, and are moving markets by speaking to the family heart, not its head.

Participants should come prepared to have long-standing assumptions about global moms, dads, and kids challenged, and a whole new set of possibilities for building emotional connections between families and brands illuminated.

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Past Webinars

Jan 25th, 20172PM EST

Passion Point™ New Product Innovation

Creating youth and family new products that solve for your occasion's EMOTIONAL white space, not CATEGORY white space

April 6th, 20162PM EST

Millennial Family Health And Wellbeing:

Three Insights And Three Ideas On A New Approach

Most of the industry’s efforts to promote the health and wellbeing of Millennial families are based on the following three assumptions: 1) Health is a dominant family Passion Point; 2) Wellbeing is predominantly about physiological health; and, 3) The best way to engage Millennial moms, dads, and kids in a conversation about health and wellbeing is by talking about health and wellbeing. But The Family Room’s research and in-market experience paints another picture. Join us for a contrarian’s point-of-view on:

WHAT: What “living a healthy lifestyle” means, where it ranks vs. other family Passion Points, and parents’ shifting balance in priorities between physiological and emotional health.

WHY: Why living a healthy lifestyle is important to Millennial moms and dads and the deeper, often surprising, emotional drivers that are its real motivator.

HOW: How your organization can use these discoveries to create a more engaging set of products, programs, and communication strategies that speak to the family heart, not its head.

View the full webinar here.

Feb 25th, 20162PM EST

Mom Decision-Making In Developing Markets:

Three insights on a new brand engagement playbook for the world’s biggest consumer

Families in developing markets like China, Argentina, Africa, and the Middle East represent one of the largest consumer markets in the world and are the key to many companies’ long-term growth strategies. But how much does your organization know about the revolutionary changes occurring in moms’ role in the family structure or the new emotional Passion Points that are bedrock of her consumer decision-making? In this webinar, The Family Room’s Founder, George Carey, will offer a preview of some of his company’s discoveries on:

• The new emotional landscape of moms in developing markets like China, Saudi, and Argentina, what she values, and how she is responding to the rapid changes in her society’s expectations of her as mother and bread-winner

• Her changing approach to consumer decision-making in categories ranging from family foods, to the family wireless plan, to the family vacation

• Three strategies for a new approach to modern mom engagement rooted in her new Passion Points

Grounded in three separate 2015 thought leadership studies on modern moms across four continents, participants in this webinar can expect to have many of the industry’s traditional assumptions about these moms challenged and a new approach to brand engagement put forward.

View the full webinar here.

Dec 3rd, 20152PM EST

Millennial Family Passion Points:

Decoding The True Role Your Brand Plays In Modern Families' Lives

It has always been axiomatic in the world of youth and family marketing that the marketer who understands his category and brand best, wins! But is this really the case? Do the ads, the new products, and the promotional events that quicken the consumer's pulse, cause goosebumps, and move markets really come from a minute examination of the categories you compete in, or are they more likely to emanate from a penetrating insight into the humans that use them? In this webinar, The Family Room will make a case for the latter through a thought-provoking talk in which we explore:

• The emergence of a new set of Millennial Family Passion Points which bear little resemblance to those of prior generations.

• The remarkable and often unexpected connections made between these Passion Points and everyday brands like yours.

• A case study on how these Passion Point connections can be used to create new communications, positioning, or innovation strategies that speak to the family heart, not its head.

We invite you to come prepared to have long-standing assumptions about moms, dads, and youth challenged, and have an open mind to a fundamentally new approach for elevating the role your brand plays in modern families’ lives.

View the full webinar here.