We believe that true youth and family marketing miracles invariably come from HUMAN insights, not CATEGORY insights.

Whether it be an ad that gives us goosebumps or a new product that moves markets, the greatest mom, youth, and family marketing successes invariably speak to our heart, not our head. That’s why we have spent the last ten years defining and decoding global family Passion Points and using them to elevate the role our clients’ brands play in modern families’ lives.

What is a Passion Point™?

Passion Point™ Category Connections

Passion Point™ Brand Connections

Emotional Family Marketing

What is a Passion Point?

What is a passion point?

A Passion Point is one of the hopes, fears, joys or aspirations families are most focused on today. Grounded in System One thinking, our research has identified fourteen and they are the bedrock of modern family decision making.

Click here for more information on our 2015 global family Passion Point™ Study update.

Passion Point Category Connections

Brand Connections

Passion Points are the less visible but dominant drivers governing a mom’s, dad’s, or kid’s behavior in your category or occasion. The Family Room can illuminate them, providing fresh insight on what is REALLY going on when a parent cleans the home, a child logs on to Instagram, or as the family sits down to dinner.

Click here for more information on our 2015 global family Passion Point™ Study update.

Passion Point Brand Connections

Passion Point Brand Connections

We can tell you which Passion Points your category or your brand ignites, providing a whole new perspective on the true role it plays in Millennial families’ lives. For example, the LEGO® brand ignites five of families’ top six Passion points… only one of which has anything to do with play.

Emotional Family Marketing

Knowing your brand and category Passion Point connections opens the door to a more emotive and more powerful set of targeting, messaging, and new product strategies that speak to the family heart, not just its head.

Yoplait Emotional Family Marketing

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