Our Mission


Every consumer decision—in fact, every human decision—is both rational and emotional.


Most marketers already understand the rational parts in detail.


The Family Room exists to bring rigor and science to the emotional drivers of decision-making through our study of Passion PointsTM for more relevant brands and content.


Our proprietary Passion Points™ construct pushes beyond the rational WHAT to the emotional WHY of your target, brand, or property with quantitative data rather than qualitative speculation.

Conducted among 30,000 youth, adults, and parents over the last 12 years, our annual Passion Points™ updates keep us on top of the shifting emotional priorities of consumers in every major market around the world.


The Family Room turns the creation of emotionally relevant brands and content from an imprecise art to a reliable science through the following three services.

Emotional Foresights

Anticipate the drivers of emotional relevance tomorrow, and what you should be doing to prepare today

Emotional Edge

Develop purpose, messaging, and content strategies grounded in emotional hot spots your brand owns

Emotional Audience Definition

Go beyond demographics and observable behavior to the emotional imperatives that define your target audience


We know clients choose partners with their heads and their hearts. That’s why we offer a few ways to “test drive” a relationship and our Passion Points™ construct…

Complimentary Passion PointsTM Preview

This live session highlights four ascendant Passion PointsTM in your category today and what you should be doing to prepare for them

Quantifying Your Brand’s Emotional Edge

Rational selling points are hard to find and harder to own. This short, cost-effective study uncovers and quantifies your unique emotional edge against your competitors

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