Passion Points

The industry’s leading tracker of consumer sentiment

By measuring shifts in people’s emotional priorities, Passion Points reveal where consumers are headed and how brands can pivot to stay relevant.

The Passion Points platform delivers three levels of knowledge:

1. Human Insights

Reveals how changes in the world are affecting consumers’ human values and provides leading indicators of future drivers of consumer decision making.

50 emotional priorities

rooted in proven models of human need.

10 years

of longitudinal tracking revealing shifts in human values and priorities.

4 generational

cohorts, including kids, teens, young adults and parents.

8 global

markets covering 70% of the world’s GNP.

2. Category Impacts

Shows how consumers’ shifting values are reshaping the emotional jobs they will expect your category to do in the future.

10 product categories covering consumer products and media/entertainment.

24 emotional jobs tailored to each category.

Longitudinal trending that reveals where your category is heading.

3. Brand Pivots

Identifies the barriers that will inhibit the relevance of your brand in the future and the ways human-centered design can eliminate them.

Pinpoints your brand’s most valuable assets for driving emotional relevance now.

Reveals your brand’s obstacles to future relevance.

Identifies essential pivots and pathways to future-proof your brand through human-centered design.

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